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Textured Ceiling

Applying a texture to ceilings has been around for years, as people change their décor, they also change the look of their ceiling to complement the room. The ceiling can add or take away from the room depending on the color and texture.

Choosing your ceiling texture can be based in a variety of factors, or on personal preference. Based on your project needs, Big Al’s can help you choose the best ceiling texture for your desired results.

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The knockdown finish is our premium product. Knockdown is very visually pleasing as it light and smooth in appearance, and actually adds height to a room. Being the top texture choice, this adds maximum value to your home. Big Al’s President, Alex, calls knockdown the “Cadillac of the sprays.”

Splatter Texture (Orange Peel)

Splatter texture is the same as knockdown, but not smoothed after being applied. Therefore, the finished product is in between popcorn and knockdown. Splatter texture hides the least amount of imperfections – which may be an important consideration for your needs.

Regular Texture (Popcorn)

This is a base standard texture, most commonly chosen for rental properties or to match existing texture. It has a heavy finish, therefore visually adding ‘weight’ to the room. The positive of this texture is it hides the most imperfections.


An elegant touch to enhance knock down texture, borders and cove-in corners can add extra dimension to your room. Borders are most often chosen for dining room, living rooms, and master-bedrooms. This style is often complemented with crown molding.

Painted Ceilings

This style is a flat ceiling, similar to a wall, so there is no texture. We are receiving more requests for this. However, this style is usually the choice for large common areas in homes over 3,000 square feet.

Custom Hand Designs

This texture is most common in areas such as dens, living rooms, and dining rooms. We have customized many different ceiling styles over the last 20 years – smoked, swirls, half moon, and icicles.


Highly Recommended

“All of the ceilings were stippled and I decided to have it removed. I was prepared for a disaster but I was surprised at how little mess there was when they finished. Friends have commented how great the flat ceilings look. The plastering was flawless. I would certainly hire them for future work. Workers showed up as scheduled and the job was completed when promised.” 

- Simon (Calgary)

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