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Big Al’s Texturing has been providing quality exterior painting services to homeowners and businesses in Calgary for more than three decades. During that time, we have developed a reputation for being reliable, trustworthy, and affordable. We use only high-quality paints and materials so you’re assured that your walls will stay vibrant despite the changing weather and seasons. Moreover, our team of skilled and experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your painting project is completed on time, on budget, and to your 100% satisfaction!

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5 Signs You Might Need An Exterior Paint Job

Exterior painting is more than just a cosmetic upgrade for your house or establishment. It's also a necessary maintenance task that should be done every few years in order to keep your place looking its best. So how do you know when it’s time to give your property a makeover?

Peeling or Chipping Paint

This is one of the most obvious signs that your property needs a paint retouch. Paint can start to crack and flake when it’s exposed to extreme temperatures. And once the paint is stripped away, the exposure to the climate could damage the wood, steel, bricks, and other materials underneath.

Faded Paint

Over time, the sun’s heat can bleach out your paint, causing it to lose its color. This uneven fading is unappealing and makes the structure look old and worn out. If you are seeing patches of faded paint on your outer walls, it’s definitely time for a new coat.

Bubbling Paint and Rust

When the paint forms scattered bulges that resemble bubbles, it’s a sign of trapped moisture seeping from leaks beneath the layer of paint. Rust, on the other hand, may come from the corroded steel that the paint covers or from other rusty metal pieces that come into contact with the painted surface. These areas should be examined to repair any leaks and then reapplied with paint to renew the exterior.

Mildew or Mold Growth

If you notice any black spots or green patches clinging to the outside of your building, there is a good chance that you have mold or mildew. Depending on the kind of mold growth, some can be harmful to your health so a cleaning and repaint should be done as soon as possible.

Dirty and Stained Surfaces

A property’s exterior is constantly exposed to mud, moisture, and dirt. These can eventually create permanent dark stains and discolored splotches on your otherwise beautifully painted walls. If these stains won’t come off even after a lot of scrubbing, then it’s time to call your local painting contractor.

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We believe that “if it isn’t good enough for our own house, it isn’t good enough for your house.”

We strive to ensure that every member of our team has the tools, knowledge, and training required to maintain the highest level of quality.

We provide exceptional execution of operations to ensure safe, timely, cost-effective, and quality performance on every one of our projects.

Big Al’s contributes and supports our local communities through contributions and volunteer work.

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Robert Laurie
Robert Laurie
They do great work .Very happy with my new ceilings..
rob samek
rob samek
We recently contracted Big Al's to refinish our main floor ceilings and we are really pleased with the result. The entire Big Al's team was on-schedule start to finish. In fact, they finished one day ahead of schedule. While a project like our can be rather dusty, our home was left as clean as could be expected. We, honestly, cannot think of any criticism and we highly recommend Big Al's if you are looking to refinish your ceilings.
Blockchain Man
Blockchain Man
I was really impressed with Big Als. A few contractors I know recommended them. They were very professional. We had an opportunity to speak to Al and Kevin. I wouldn’t spend much time looking around for someone else to do your textured ceiling. Big Als is the best and the price is good too.
Jon Tarves
Jon Tarves
Kirk Fisher
Kirk Fisher
We hired Big Al's for what I would consider a challenging ceiling Repair and blend into an older textured ceiling, this turned out better than expected. Quick, clean and delivering exactly what they promised. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!
Y. K. Chiu
Y. K. Chiu
Excellent work repairing the holes in my basement ceiling and matching the popcorn. Really impressed with the skill of the drywaller!
Bev Arnold
Bev Arnold
We had James and Frankie come do the texturing from a water leak and then repaint the family room and kitchen. They are 2 of the greatest guys and go above and beyond expectations and everything has to be perfect before they leave. They also came back on a Sunday to do another repair for us outside our house because we couldn’t get anyone else to come do it. They are exceptional employees and will refer your company to others that need work done. Great job guys.
Jenilee Quance
Jenilee Quance
I have a property for sale that had some previous ceiling repairs that were very poorly done. It kept coming up with people viewing the property and I was fortunate enough to have Big Al's come into repair it and refinish it properly. Cam did an absolutely incredible job and I could not be happier with it. There were four large areas to be repaired and the ceilings are 25 years old so I had no expectations for a perfect blend, but somehow or another he managed to do such a great job that no one can even tell that there were repairs there. Thank you so much!!

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